David Moshe Yisrael (Druimoshie de)  



 David is a self-taught artist who was born in Napier and has lived in Wellington since 1992.

David’s past includes working as a photographer in Yugoslavia in the early 1990s when the Italy-Yugoslavia war broke out. The things he experienced there represented a major turning point in his life. David said that he "had a mental crisis and made the decision that nobody should ever profit off of war", and so he destroyed all of his photographs and returned to New Zealand. The things he witnessed back then represent great suffering, which he has been dealing with ever since.

David chooses to work from the solitude of home. He shuts his curtains and lights up the house with bright light. He finds this environment less distracting.

David’s creative sparks come to him in waves. He goes through phases of action and idleness, but he enjoys working with pastels because they remind him of the crayons he used in school when he was young. He finds that making art is therapeutic and is a great way to express himself and get inspired.

David used the income from the auction to help make ends meet.

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