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James is originally from Tawa and used to work in computer software development.

James uses his computer skills to create art. He makes his works using open source software and manipulates computer graphics in order to express political action. James is politically and socially analytical. He feels caught in the political process and would love to create political badges.

“The current government says things which make sense [only] to a particular audience – some of the people are told not to exist….Begurk!”

“Begurk is what a chicken says when it's about to get his head cut off." 

"Politics is important, but so is due process, and the government we have is the government that we have legitimately elected so it's difficult."

James wonders, “With political art, how much can it stand alone?”

"I certainly think we in New Zealand are suffering less than some others who have been in the news recently. Are we suffering? I decline to draw."

He concluded the interview with the familiar statement:

“I’ve no idea what I’m doing with my life."

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